"14 Million Minutes" Statement

14 Million Minutes

     Life and death are the cornerstones of human existence. While expected to be separated by a number of years, at times they overlap and converge in a single instance.
     In January 2011, I witnessed my mother's death firsthand. At the time, I could only process what was happening in the moment, and it wasn't until some time after her funeral that the meaning of her passing began to sink in. It wasn't just about her being physically gone – my fear and sadness with regard to the future ran deep.
     I am a woman of childbearing age ready to move through the cycles of life and expand my family. In my mother's death, I've come to realize that I have only the guidance and knowledge she instilled in me before her passing. I will not have the nurturing resource of her experience to guide me through my future experiences.
     My mother and I were together on this Earth approximately 14 Million Minutes. This series examines the current state of our relationship as I begin to struggle with questions of my ability and instinct to someday become a mother myself.